The gym selfie. The car selfie. Kim Kardashian’s obnoxious butt selfie. We live in a modern culture of self-absorption. Social media only perpetuates it. Hey, we’re not chastising anyone for snapping a selfie when they're finally having a good hair day. But when we become addicted to posting about - well, mostly ourselves - what does that really say about us? More importantly: what does that really do to us?

It certainly doesn't make us happy, according to extensive research. In fact, studies reveal correlations between excessive self-promotion and insecurity, narcissism, and even pathological behavior! 


So what does make us happy? Doing nice things for others - and this is backed by study after study. But don't take our word for it - try it for yourself - we'll make it easy! Else is an app for impacting & inspiring others with simple acts of kindness. Grab an extra coffee for a co-worker. Give away that parking spot. Share your umbrella on a rainy day. Sometimes we miss all the little opportunities in front of us each day to benefit someone else. And we totally underestimate the impact those tiny actions can make.

Instead of scrolling through selfies, bragging, and other forms of douchebaggery, Else is about the thousands of simple & beautiful ways we can think outside ourselves. And the crazy thing is - science finds that's what actually makes us happy - not the temporary dopamine highs we get when our selfie 100 likes.

We're on a mission to make kindness fun, social and easier than snapping the perfect mirror selfie (no sucking in required). It’s a movement that can change culture and change lives. Join us. All you have to do is think of someone. Else.