Each week, we look at social media trends and take note of the good, the bad and just plain weird:



#sevenseven - 7/7 bombing 10 year anniversary.

Using social media to remember, share, and heal from tragedy is a great use of our time and technology. We can see and hear stories and get support from people around the world who are experiencing the same thing.

Psychology suggests that experiencing tragedy alone* or feeling alone during a tragedy leads to more negative (PTSD in particular) and lasting effects than when it is experienced together.

Social media has allowed us to come together in this way like never before! So perhaps in its own way, social media is alleviating some mental illnesses like depression, anxiety and PTSD by allowing us to not feel alone in our grief process.

A huge win for social media, mental health, and people coming together to help others heal.

Study on Vietnam Veterans showing support for less PTSD when social support was abundant. "Results found that veterans who received high social support reported fewer symptoms." http://bmo.sagepub.com/content/12/1/100.short


Using SM to pries into someone's personal life and make a judgement about it.

Trending (a lot) is this hashtag that is being used by hundreds of thousands of people to tell Zayn Malik (former member of One Direction) to call off his engagement to fiance' Perrie Edwards. The couple got engaged in 2013 and have had some troubles since then.

We all know that celebrity comes with a certain extra amount of judging since you are in the public eye, but we can still show more compassion and respect for each other as human beings. It can't be easy to be famous and have relationship issues.

Don't we have better things to talk about? Do we really care who the ex-1D member is engaged to? Do we really need to use social media to state a *negative* opinion about someone's personal life in this way?

With so much going on in the world it amazes me that we are still obsessed with celebrity. Social media goes out of it's way to support that trend. Just by being so visual in the first place it promotes idealized self images; perfect faces, perfect bodies etc... This is a perfect example of a place where we can being to talk about something ELSE.


#ExciteYourPartnerIn4Words - trending now!


grab your knee pads
mind if I flex
it's almost football season
I'll wash the dishes
We're going on vacation

No matter which way you slice it this hashtag is sharing the love.

It is actually causing hundreds of thousands of people world wide to contemplate what they could tell someone to get them excited or make them feel happy. Lifting your energy from the mundane and shifting your mind positively in this way can have many benefits! Funny/Happy stuff = feel good hormones just like getting that hit of dopamine when someone likes a post or picture, but it's much more real and has to do with using your mind to excite someone, or make them happy, not just your physical appearance.

A win for the weird on social media today!